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 Intersectional social justice

- Drive social justice and social equity through challenging white supremacist, patriarchal, colonial, capitalistic and able-ist systems of oppression and forming strong lines of community care

- Self-determination for First Nation people; including land back for ALL First Nation countries, ability to govern and make decisions about ALL aspects of life and the systems and services affecting First Nation people. This includes having power and decision making over resources and their extraction from country. 


Holistic ecological justice

- Advance ecological restoration 

- Support action to prevent businesses profiting of environmental destruction and polluting the atmosphere, land and waterways.


Decentralised power and deep democracy 

  • Consensus decision making  

  • Dealing with conflict in a transparent, loving and open manner - accepting criticism openly and speaking up about issues in the community 


Regenerative economy 

  • Building sustainable community to move away from damaging capitalist, colonialist, patriarchal, white supremacist and able-ist systems

  • Shift economic control to communities

  • Re-localise production and consumption to create communities that are sovereign in their energy and food production systems   


Empower the Community

Each of our skillsets is unique. We encourage our community to share what we have with each other to resist injust systems of oppression and have the skills to live in a sustainable and just world. We provide a range of workshops and hold regular skillshares to provide a platform to do just this. 

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