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Monday Meet Ups

Come on down to our weekly community meet ups where we gather, garden and share a communal meal.

This is where we catch up on the woes and wonders of the world whilst scheming and strategizing – and end the night with some fun and creative antics!

WHERE: 130 Davey St, Hobart, 7000, TAS
WHEN: from 4:30pm every Monday

aaa garden.jpg

Come along to an event

Throughout the year GRANT hosts numerous events and also promotes many other events held by other community groups and individuals whom we share similar values with.

Come along to any or all of these to meet other GRANT folk and see what else is going on in the community!


Donate your time and resources

GRANT recognises that reliance on money can lead down a slippery slope of becoming too dependent on funding rather than putting our energy into the amazing work we do.

Because of this, we ask that people give their time and any resources and goods they have to the cause before offering financial means.

Food, banner material, paint, marquees, camera equipment and subscriptions to online accounts are just some of the goods and services that GRANT uses on a monthly basis – but please get in contact with us via email or socials if you want to know other ways you can contribute and support our work.

Donate money

Although GRANT does everything we can to get by with the resources and assistance from all our amazing volunteers – we still rely on money for many parts of our campaigning, solidarity and mutual aid support.

Any financial contribution you can make is immensely appreciated!

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