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GRANT sees forestry as one of our prime targets for the following reasons:

1. It has by far the highest climate impact of any industry in Tasmania

2. It has one of, if not the biggest ecological impact of any industry in Tasmania

3. The forest industry for a long time has run at a big loss, costing taxpayers 100's of millions of our dollars

4. The majority of wood is exported, exporting potential jobs with them

5. Forestry has significant affects on other industries such as Apiary, agriculture and tourism

Our Campaign will focus to:

1. End all clear-felling practices in Tasmania

2. End all logging of Old-growth

3. End export wood-chipping of native forests

4. Convert harvested plantations to native forest

5. Create more jobs in the forestry industry by supporting local craftspeople to better utilise timber currently wasted, sustainable forest managers and sawmillers to get much higher yields from wood.

6. Ban forest burns

7. Ban pesticide use in Native forests

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