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Earth care + People Care                                   


This leads us to striving for love, empathy and compassion for all beings. We practice non-violence in all of our intent and actions and believe in the current Tasmanian political sphere, non-violence is crucial to winning a more sustainable and beautiful future. We value understanding and being open to differences in our community. We want to cultivate compassion and loving-kindness for all humans and living organisms regardless of political opinion, colour, gender, sexuality or other background factors. It is our belief oppressive capitalistic and colonialist systems must be replaced with earth giving, nurturing systems that we are creating as a community                                                  


Open, honest communication and deep listening


We believe to progress as a community and society, good communication is vital. We assume the good intent of everyone, but we also value direct and timely feedback. This means communicating when something has made you or anyone else uncomfortable or when there is an undesirable aspect of our community. Under this value we think it is equally important to be open to feedback, listen deeply and internalise feedback before defending yourself. This value set is crucial to our group in creating as safe spaces and community environments as possible.



Sharing, community care and empowerment                                        

if we are to build a brighter future we have to shift the current individualistic nature of the world. We must give, share and lift others up. We must create community that nourishes and cares for itself and in doing so will do the same for the world around it.

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