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GRANT FOod pantry


Excess food is in abundance throughout society from supermarkets and grocers, to cafes and restaurants. As a result, the GRANT community has come together to provide a publicly accessible space for people to take the food they need, or leave any items that they may have in excess.

The vast majority of this food is rescued, with some being donated from people and other groups who find they do not know where the food can go before it becomes wastage.

We encourage all who use the food pantry to ensure that it is kept tidy and is regularly cleaned so that the space is hygienic as possible.

Please join in on reducing the amount of food waste that surrounds us and head up the driveway and out the back of 130 Davey St, Hobart where you will find refrigerator's and cupboards that store fruit, vegetables, bread, dry goods and so much more!

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